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    I’m in the giving mood. Reblog this, leave a comment telling me which pairing from Once you ship, and give me 3 random words which will be included in your askbox ficlet.

    Example: Swan Queen. Yellow, glasses, sharpie. 

    Yay for practicing creative writing :)

    Mad Hatter - Handcuffs, red, woods

    Swan Queen Challenge | Day 9: A scene that makes you happy.

    Ready or not, here we come. 

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    I miss those days…. @rizzlefritz

    • David: Kathryn leased that apartment in Boston, and she isn't going to use it. But I am. Unless you give me a reason to stay...
    • Mary Margaret: Let's take inventory for a second
    • Mary Margaret: Things David has Done This Year--
    • Mary Margaret: Left his wife for me
    • Mary Margaret: left me for his wife
    • Mary Margaret: refused to tell his wife we were having an affair
    • Mary Margaret: accused me of murdering his wife
    • Mary Margaret: And y'know, I'm just coming up short on Reasons David Should Stay in Storybrooke
    • Mary Margaret: Huh
    • Mary Margaret: Imagine that
    • Henry: Okay, time for Operation Cobra Phase Two-- Getting everybody back home!
    • Ruby: Hold up. We have our memories back now and Maine actually isn’t that bad. Also, I don’t have to worry about turning into a wolf every few weeks and eating my boyfriends
    • Leroy: She has a point. Having job prospects other than mining seems like a good idea
    • Astrid: And no fairy love police.
    • Ashley: I’ve been worse off than this, and at least here I have my daughter and husband
    • Belle: I’m perfectly happy with this turn of events. How ‘bout you, Jeff?
    • Jefferson: I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over the sound of my daughter playing in my giant house.
    • Emma: Besides, you can't even come back with us. You're not a fairytale character, remember?
    • Henry: But
    • Henry: ...Cobra